Erekta Budownictwo LLC has been operating in its current organizational form since 2008. The company was established as a result of consolidation and transformation of previous business activities carried out by the owners in the construction market since 1999. The CEO of Erekta Budownictwo LLC is Mr Filip Tuszyński.

Our range of activity comprises general contracting for commercial residential and industrial buildings construction. Please see the tab „General contracting” for more detailed information about our projects.

Our company develops according to clear and precise goals formulated for every management level in the firm. To achieve them, we optimize the usage of resources gaining an advantage over the competition, which is beneficial for our clients.

In every step of the realization process we act according to the values that constitute our corporate culture:
  • Health and safety are the foundation
  • Caring about natural environment we care about ourselves
  • The people are the company – the company is the people
  • Responsibility is crucial for partnership
  • Distinctive quality